Work/Life balance

Talent Work/Life balance

Kyochon, made together

We are dedicated to ensuring that our employees are highly engaged in their work, and pleasantly engaged in their personal lives.

Workplace Life


Kyochon provides its employees with a variety of nutritious meals and beverages that they can enjoy whenever they need them.

Company vehicle

We provide company vehicles so that employees may use them as needed for work.

Transportation expenses · Team dinner expenses

We pay transportation expenses to support employees who commute long distances, as well as team dinner expenses to encourage active communication among employees.

Long service awards

We have implemented an award system to thank and encourage our employees who have served us for a long period according to their period of employment.

Private Life

Selective welfare points

Welfare points are given annually, which our employees can use on the welfare of their choice.

Resort vouchers and leisure facilities

We provide vouchers for resorts and leisure facilities, where our employees can unwind and relax.

Educational support for children

We run a child education support system to support the educational expenses of our employees’ children.

Childbirth allowance

Kyochon provides a childbirth allowance for our employees.

Health benefits

We offer regular visits by medical staff to support the health of our employees, and run a system to support our employees and their families in paying hospital bills.

Clubs and activities

We support and pay for in-house clubs and activities, designed to encourage active and enjoyable interactions among our employees.

Event Day Gifts

We provide special gifts to our employees to celebrate their birthdays, childbirth, or holidays.