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Core businesses

Social contributions Core businesses

3 core businesses

Projects of creating shared value
Chon’s Lover Contest

This is a chicken-sharing campaign that extends beyond the usual meaning of social contribution, where applicants send in stories, one of which will be selected to spread the culture of sharing and delivering good influence, based on the values of donation, sharing, and volunteering.

Youth independence support project

This is a social, emotional, and economic support project designed to support children, adolescents, and young people in becoming independent and preparing to start a life on their own.
We run various experiential programs to help children and teenagers engage in positive interactions, offering them opportunities for career exploration with self-improvement expenses for young people preparing to start life on their own.

Support project for undernourished children

This is a project designed to support the healthy growth of children.
We provide the joy of eating to those children who rarely have the opportunity to eat out, and support them through education and sharing activities as they become well-rounded adults and recover their self-esteem.

Other projects

‘Kyochon Honey Ladies Open’ support project for sports prospects

This is a project designed to support prospective athletes in the region, with a 500,000 KRW donation that is collected every time a player’s tee shot lands on the honey donation zone during the KLPGA Tournament of ‘Kyochon Honey Ladies Open’.

‘Daegu Chimac Festival’ donation of love

This is a project that delivers the joy of sharing to neighbors in the local community through our sponsorship of the Daegu Chimac Festival.

Kyochon sharing volunteers

This is an in-company volunteer club made of voluntary participation of employees, which started out in 2013 and has since engaged in various volunteer activities in the local community.

Kyochon scholarship

Founded with the philosophy of sharing, this scholarship program seeks to support underprivileged students and talented people in various fields who face difficulty continuing their endeavors due to economic reasons.