30 years of records,
30 years of memory

Kyochon was born in March 1991, when the flower buds were just beginning to bloom. 30 years have since passed. Kyochon has long kept its position as the best chicken brand in Korea, recognized for its mutual growth with franchisees. Here is a peek at its long and remarkable 30-year history.


Kyochon Chicken, which pioneered a new culture in the chicken industry based on its innovative menus and services, celebrated its 30th anniversary. In celebration of its anniversary, the company introduced a new CI, which was designed using Kyochon’s symbol, K. The CI captures the company’s vision to grow into a global F&B conglomerate based on its key principles of sincerity and persistence.


Kyochon became the first franchise business to be listed on the Korean KOSPI stock market. The company announced a new vision as a ‘global food company’ by revealing its future roadmap, which included a full-scale overseas expansion and the expansion of HMR products.

A new BI was introduced. The new BI, which uses a simple and modern typeface, incorporated the color orange for a younger, trendier look.

Kyochon received halal certification for 7 of its sauces that are exported (Kyochon sauce, Kyochon red sauce, Kyochon honey sauce, Kyochon sweet chili sauce, Kyochon soy salsal sauce, Kyochon honey mustard sauce, Kyochon jambalaya sauce).


An R&D Center was established to strengthen R&D for stronger product competitiveness. With the establishment of the R&D Center, Kyochon hopes to secure more talented human resources to develop exclusive materials using its fermentation, extraction, and concentration technologies.

The company was awarded 4 years in a row in the Korean Industries’ Brand Power category, and the Best Brand of the Year in 2019.


The sauce factory of BHN Bio was newly built.

The newly constructed plant was equipped with automated facility line capable of producing, packaging, and loading various products.


‘Kyochon Rice Set’, a new menu item acclaimed for its crispiness made with rice batter, was launched, with the number of orders exceeding 400,000 within 40 days of its launch. This translates to an average of 13,000 orders per day.

Received the Prime Minister's Citation in the mutual cooperation sector at the 22nd Korea Distribution Awards.

The halal certification agency for three exported products, namely Kyochon Sauce, Kyochon Red Sauce, and Kyochon Honey Sauce, was changed to the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF). Sales exceeded 300 billion KRW, which translates to an additional 100 billion KRW growth in sales in three years.


Won the first place in the chicken specialty restaurant category in the Premium Brand Index (KS-PBI) selected by the Korean Standards Association (for 4 years in a row), and was awarded the 2016 Best Brand of the Year by the Korea Consumer Forum.

Won the bronze prize in the TV/Video advertisement category at the 2016 Korea Advertising Awards.
The new campaign, the slogan for which was ‘Kyochon, a new kind of chicken’, was well-received by critics and consumers alike. The four award-winning ads, namely ‘Thin, Slow, Unrelenting, Unusual’, showed Kyochon’s cooking process, where the chicken was fried twice before each piece was brushed with the sauce.

This was the first time that a chicken brand’s ad won an award at the Korea Advertising Awards ceremony.


BHN Bio, a food bio research institute, was established with the mission of “becoming a company that is beneficial and valuable to people and nature with safe and healthy products”.

The company’s vision is to become a small yet strong company in the sauce and bio industry.

The 2015 Kyochon Red Mountain Bike Tournament was held in Goryeong-gun, hosted by Kyochon F&B and organized by the Korea Mountain Bike Association and the Goryeong Bicycle Federation. The event, in which more than 1,000 mountain biking enthusiasts from all over the country participated, was divided into 16 events in 3 levels, including intermediate, beginner (women), and beginner.


Became the first chicken franchise business to receive Halal IFANCA certification.
The items that received the certification were Kyochon sauce, Kyochon red sauce, and Kyochon honey sauce, which are exported overseas.

Hosted ‘Kyochon Honey Ladies Open’, the first KLPGA tournament sponsored by a restaurant franchise company.

During the Tournament, a 500,000 KRW donation was made every time a player’s tee shot landed on the honey donation zone, as a way of giving back to the community.

Sales exceeded 200 billion KRW. This is the highest turnover in the industry.


Entered the Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines market through Master Franchise contracts.


Opened its first Thailand location. A Master Franchise contract was concluded in Thailand. This is a type of contract that grants exclusive rights to partners with local expertise in a specific country/region.

‘Kyochon Wedge Potatoes’, the brand’s signature side dish, was launched.


인도네시아, 말레이시아, 필리핀과 마스터 프랜차이즈 계약을 통해 해당 국가에 진출하게 되었습니다.

교촌치킨의 대표적인 사이드 메뉴 '교촌웨지감자'를 출시했습니다.


This marks the historic year when ‘Kyochon Honey Series’, a sensation in the chicken industry, was born. The flavor is a harmonious symphony of acacia honey, soy sauce, and garlic. The Kyochon Honey Series, with its deep and rich sweetness, was well-received by customers, thanks to the ‘honey craze’ that swept the country.


The Salsal series introduced a new addition ‘Kyochon soy salsal’, which is the combination of the original Salsal series with seasoned green onions and soy sauce. Total domestic sales exceeded 100 billion KRW.


‘Kyochon Salsal Chicken’, a new bite-sized, rice batter-covered boneless chicken menu that captures the savoriness and crispness, was launched.


About 16 years after its foundation, Kyochon finally established a U.S. corporation to enter the U.S. market, which became its first overseas location.
Its menu and services received a warm response from local consumers.


Received the Super Brand Grand Prize, designated by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies.

Awarded the Grand Prize for the second year in a row in the 2005 Korean Consumer Trust Company category, hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum.


‘Kyochon Red Series’, an addition to the best selling Kyochon Original Series, was launched. The Kyochon Red Series was loved by spice-lovers, for its savory and spicy taste, flavored using Cheongyang red pepper juice instead of chemical capsaicin.


Became the first company in the chicken industry to be certified as a Company of Excellent Service Quality by the Korea Service Promotion Association.
The Excellent Service Quality certification is a certification system implemented to establish the competitiveness index of the service industry, where the Association selects companies with high customer satisfaction in terms of service quality through a screening process, that consists of an on-site evaluation and a secret assessment.

The name of the corporation was changed to Kyochon F&B Co., Ltd.
The number of franchise locations nationwide exceeded 500.


A new logo was designed, symbolizing the traditional Korean thatched house and 1991, the year of foundation.


The number of franchise locations exceeded 100.
A common interior design started being applied to all franchise locations, and the orange-color menu board was introduced.


Kwon Won-kang, the first president, founded ‘Kyochon 校村’, meaning a village with a hyanggyo (Confusion School). The company name ‘Kyochon’, signifying the most Korean and educated village, captures the president’s vision of one day becoming a brand that everyone around the globe can enjoy.