Talent Growth

Organizational Culture

We endorse a horizontal and autonomous organizational culture.

Kyochon pursues flexible and creative thinking in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, through which we promote continuous growth for our members and the company.

Rank system

The ranks (titles) are divided into three types according to the roles within the organization.

Kyochon implements a rank system to promote a horizontal and flexible culture, through which its members work efficiently and communicate with each other to create a mutually-respectful, speedy work process.

Promotion system

We run a promotion points system that is designed to support employee leadership in performance and growth.

Individual performances are converted into annual points, based on which we provide opportunities for promotion for candidates who have acquired a certain number of points, regardless of the length of employment.


We support our employees as they continuously develop their talents and competencies.

Kyochon encourages our employees to build their talents as they perform their responsibilities.
To this end, we support a culture of learning that is designed to help our employees succeed in their area of expertise.