Kyochon’s management philosophy

The foundation of Kyochon F&B Co., Ltd. is the spirit of integrity, being
customer-oriented, and sharing.
This has been the stepping stone that has fostered Kyochon thus far,
and will continue to be the driving force for its future growth.


Practicing transparent and ethical management with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Establishing mutually cooperative relationships with franchisees and partners through fair business.
Delivering our honest story and taste to our customers.


Fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and conducting social contribution initiatives.
Providing educational opportunities to encourage and enrich hopes and dreams; supporting the underprivileged, and growing together with the members of our local community.


Listening to the needs of our customers and realizing true customer value.
Offering one-of-a-kind quality with unprecedented services and products that impress our customers.

Kyochon’s core value

Building a unique Kyochon culture,
driving continuous growth with a common goal.


Integrity is the best strategy and the finest wisdom.

Sustainable Partnership

Living together, living by sharing. Pursuing a sustainable, mutually winning society.


True innovation is paving new roads that no other has set foot on.
Challenging the market with products that no one has tried, and creating value from new things that no one has ever found.

Modesty & Consideration

Consideration is the key to winning one’s heart.
The biggest hurdle is winning the hearts of others. He who does not learn modesty learns nothing.

Haehyeon Gangjang

keeping the good
The meaning of Kyochon's Haehyeon Gangjang
is the value to be protected and
There is a balance of values to be added.

completely. newly. But with an unchanging firm heart
Haehyun Gangjang.


keeping the good
add something better
Kyochon's heart to always be new,

Sincerity with sincerity
He speaks plainly and thoughtfully.