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Key affiliates

Kyochon F&B Co., Ltd. Subsidiaries

Kyochon has three subsidiaries, each in charge of manufacturing pickles, sauces, and Salsal chicken.
They all contribute to the quality and taste of Kyochon’s products.

The principles behind our sauces

BHN Bio Co., Ltd.

The company manufactures Kyochon-exclusive soy sauce, honey sauce, and red sauce.
The secret to the great taste is using high-quality ingredients sourced from Korea
and sticking to the old recipe principles. The company recently received its Halal certification and is waiting to meet with more global customers.

Area of business : Manufacture of seasoned food (sauce and dressings)

Products : Kyochon sauces (red, honey, soy chili, Shinhwa)

Delightful pickled radish

K&P Food Co., Ltd.

The company is in charge of making Kyochon’s tasty, healthy pickles. Made using only sugar and vinegar, without any additives, our pickled radish is HACCP certified.
We are constantly striving to improve the packaging, size, and taste of our pickled radish.

Area of business : Manufactured of pickled foods

Products : Kyochon pickled radish

Kyochon’s Salsal Chicken

Kyelim Food Co., Ltd.

Having started out as a company specializing in raw chicken processing, the company is currently in charge of manufacturing Kyochon’s Salsal Chicken and the patties for Kyochon Real Chicken Burgers.
The company’s vision is to develop a healthy and easy HMR menu by integrating its expertise in chicken with cutting-edge technology.

Area of business : Chicken meat processing

Products : Kyochon Salsal Chicken, Kyochon Real Chicken Burger patties

true environmental friendliness

K&L Pack Co., Ltd.

We are constantly striving to reduce the use of plastic packaging and disposable products and take the lead in protecting the environment.
Based on equipment and technology completed with patented technology, we produce eco-friendly packaging materials such as paper cold storage pouches for the first time in Korea.

Area of business : eco-friendly packaging

Products : Paper cold storage pouch (replaces disposable Styrofoam boxes), paper honeycomb cushioning material (replaces plastic bubble wrap)